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Client Results

The following is a sampling of our achievements for our clients in some major cases:
  • Polyester Flat Yarns (South Korea, 2005): This is our first case in AD case as we started in 2005. Our clients got lowest duties from 0%-6% in this case.
  • Polyester Staple Fibers (S. Korea, Indonesia, 2005 and 2011): We reduced the duty of Korea from 10.6% to 6.5% by with our successful injury defense arguments.
  • Malleable Pipe Fittings (Bulgaria, India, Indonesia, Serbia-M. Negro, Thailand, Brazil, China 2006): Our client in Indonesia got the lowest duty in the case and has been continuing their exports.
  • Polyester Filament Fabrics (Malaysia, S. Korea, Taiwan ROC, 2007): We received the best rate for Korean companies (0%-6%). We reduced the dumping margin of our client from 12.5% to 7.5% by claiming corrections in dumping margin methodology.
  • Polyester Staple Fibres (China, Saudi Arabia, 2007): Our Chinese client got the lowest AD rate in all Chinese cases 6% and increased their exports afterwards.
  • Non-Woven Fabrics (China, Italy, Iran, Israel, Saudi Arabia, 2008): We defended the importers and we claimed that the complaint did not have sufficient representation and the case was investigation terminated without duty due to insufficient (less than 25%) support from domestic industry.
  • Polyester Texturized Yarns (AD, Expiry Case, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand, 2008): Our clients got lowest duties in all Malaysia Indonesia and China. Our clients in all counties got very advantageous ad duties and therefore their exports were not affected.
  • Polyester Texturized Yarns (AD Expiry Case, India and Taiwan, 2012): Our clients kept their lowest rates among all exporters.
  • Polyester Texturized Yarns (New Exporter Case) (AD, India, 2103): Our client was subject to 20.6% AD duty and we reduced the duty to 10%.
  • Polyester Flat Yarns (AD, China, India, Malaysia, 2013): Our clients has the lowest dumping margins among all exporters in all coutries.
  • Polyester Texturized Yarns (AD Expiry Case, China, Indonesia, Malaysia, 2013): Expiry review is concluded and our clients have the most advantageous among all exporters in this case for many years.
  • Float Glass (AD, Romania, 2013): We reduced the dumping margin from 33% to 16% by getting the calculation errors in the calculation of dumping and also we reduced the price undercutting margin from 36% to 16% by claiming corrections in the injury margin calşculation methodology.
  • Laminate Floorings: (AD Germany 2014): We got the dumping margin corrected by claiming wrong calculation by the Authority and the dumping margin and duty was reduced from 11.5% to 6.5%. Our client is the largest exporter from Germany to Turkey.
  • Polyester Staple Fibres (AD; Thailand, India, China, 2014): Recently concluded with the same level of duty and our clients still have the lowest rates in this case.

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