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New Exporter Investigations- NSR

As in the case for anti-circumvention investigations, at the end of 2005 Turkish Government passed the amendment on the legislation and included a provision for exporters who made exports of a product, for which an AD duty was imposed, during the time “following” the investigation period.

The first new exporter case was initiated in 2014 for the DTY product upon our application on behalf of two exporters from India. In new exporter cases, we guide exporters to prepare necessary documentation before the investigation and to respond the questionnaires after the initiation of the investigation to get advantageous rates than the ongoing duty.

Since then we have been advising many exporters during new exporter investigations and provided them with all the necessary services like the anti-dumping investigations from the very beginning to the conclusion of the investigations.

Related WTO provisions require the authorities to carry out new exporter investigations in an expedited manner in order to determine a specific margin of dumping attributable to the exports of that new exporter. While that review is in progress, authorities may request guarantees or withhold appraisement on imports, but may not actually collect anti-dumping duties on those imports.

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