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Anti-Dumping Monitoring

Normally exporters respond to the anti-dumping questionnaires after the initiation of anti-dumping investigations. However, mostly they are not aware of their domestic and export prices until the conclusion of anti-dumping investigations whether their products were sold at dumped prices or not.

Unfortunately, when an anti-dumping investigation is concluded there is no chance to remove or change the dumping margin since the dumping margin calculations are done backward over the last years export and domestic sales prices.

Our Continous Anti-Dumping Monitoring Services aim to help Clients determine whether there is dumping or not on quarterly or yearly basis before the initiation of a possible anti-dumping investigation or before an expiry review case. Our system let the exporters organize domestic and export sales to prevent dumping in relevant markets.

By our services, a company may prevent the disastrous effects of an anti-dumping proceeding before the anti-dumping investigations are initiated by our early warning services.

Advantages of Anti-Dumping Monitoring System:

  • Timely extraction and evaluation of domestic sales, export sales and cost of production databases,
  • Use of the results from the databases and organization of sales pricing policies to prevent dumping margin,
  • In cases where anti-dumping investigations initiated then getting minimum or zero dumping margins and gaining competitive advantage over other exporters,
  • Having better access to export markets without paying anti-dumping duties,
  • Having a more stable export business in the long run.

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