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About Company

FTC Legal Consultancy LLP 

FTC Danışmanlık LLP (FTC Legal Consultancy LLP) is the leading Turkish trade remedies legal consultancy firm since January 2005. FTC is based in the Capital of Turkiye where all the Turkish trade policy authorities are located.

FTC is the first legal consultancy firm set up by experienced case handler and administrators who joined the Turkish Anti-Dumping Department in 1990 and resigned from the Department in 2005 to set up FTC Legal Consultancy LLP.

Our founding partner has more than 32 years of extensive experience since the foundation of the Antidumping (AD) Department of Turkey (1989) and a strong background in trade remedy investigations -- i.e., national and international anti-dumping investigations, safeguard investigations, subsidies and countervailing duty investigations, anti-circumvention investigations as to anti-dumping measures-- and specific customs valuation-classification issues related with anti-dumping, Turkish export and import regimes and their relationship with anti-dumping type duties.

Being the first legal consulting firm in Turkey and having highly experienced anti-dumping case handlers from Turkish Anti-Dumping Department (then Ministry of Trade), FTC Legal Consultancy LLP specializes in providing legal consulting services to individual foreign companies with the technical and legal aspects of the Turkish anti-dumping, countervailing duty and safeguard proceedings before the Ministry of Trade.

We also help Turkish exporters before several foreign authorities such as USA, EU, Canada, Indonesia, Israel, Argentina and Egypt.

FTC is based in Ankara, Capital of Turkey and all Turkish trade remedy authorities (Ministry of Trade). 

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