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Anti Dumping Investigations

We provide a wide range of legal consultancy services including but not limited to;

  • Assessment of costs and benefits of cooperating in an anti-dumping or countervailing duty proceeding and its future implications on the exports of the client and its effects on the global business of the exporter,
  • Assessment of the injury analysis in the petition submitted by the complaining industry to the Authorities,
  • Analysis of the product scope of the investigation and the product scope of the exporter,
  • Preparation of the responses to the questionnaires at the premises of the exporter,
  • Analysis of the model based cost accounting system of the exporter and developing cost accounting system to respond the questionnaire,
  • Design of model matching methodology for the investigated product types (differences in quality and sales conditions, physical characteristics, etc.) and the exported types by the Client,
  • Calculation of the adjustment-allowances to be claimed to reduce the possible dumping margin,
  • Preparation of domestic, export and 3rd country sales databases,
  • Preparation of the cost of production databases for all of the exported and domestically sold product types,
  • Representation during the verification visits in the premises of the exporters,
  • Analysis of the arm’s length prices of inputs purchased from the affiliated parties,
  • Calculation of cost of productions in economies which are considered to be “non-market" by the Ministry of Economy by reference to the best and available data sources,
  • Accessing to all non-confidential documents made available by the Ministry of Economy and developing rebuttal arguments based on these facts and findings to defend the long term business interests of the Client in export market,
  • Preparation of rebuttal arguments on the injury determinations made by the AD Authority (Ministry of Economy),
  • Developing rebuttal arguments on the dumping or subsidy margin calculation methodology on the preliminary and final determinations,
  • To make necessary consultation with the Turkish Anti Dumping Authority whenever necessary to present our views and objections on the proceedings to better defend the interests of our Client,
  • Translation of all relevant documents and questionaires on the investigation from Turkish into English and translation of responses from English to Turkish.
  • Advising the clients about the developments in the case and possible timing of any provisional or final duties to guide the clients to minimise the negative effects of the continuing investigation on the exports of the client.
  • We also advise the customers (importers in Turkey) of the clients to follow up the proceeding.
  • Translation of all responses and correspondence between the exporter and the Authority since the official communication must be done in Turkish which was previously possible also in English.
  • We also guide the existing customers of our Clients to continue their business during the most of the proceeding period until the risks of possible duties are obvious to protect the interests of the exporters.

In other words, we translate the complex anti-dumping, countervailing duty terminology and proceedings into plain English and let the Client see the whole picture to envisage the upcoming results and implications of all these investigations.

In short, during whole course of the proceedings, we guide the exporters to take the correct strategic decisions to protect their business interests under complex legal, technical and administrative requirements imposed by AD and CVD investigations.

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