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Anti-Circumvention Investigations

Until 27th December 2005, it was very difficult in Turkey to conduct anti-circumvention (AC) investigations against circumvention practices due to the deficiencies in the relevant legislation (Law, Decree and Regulation). At the end of 2005 Turkish Government passed the amendment on the legislation and after then Turkish Anti-Dumping Authority (Ministry of Economy) initiated numerous anti-circumvention investigations on several products.

As of 2021 there are 58 "anti circumvention duties" applicable in Turkey and 3 investigation are continuing. 

In some respects anti-circumvention investigations are more complex in nature and have more disastrous effects on the exporters. We assisted many exporters during anti-circumvention investigations and provided them with all the necessary services like the anti-dumping investigations from the very beginning to the conclusion of the investigations to protect their exports in Turkey.

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