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Import Licencing-Related-with-AD-Duties

In Turkey; hundreds of products are subject to Import Licences as per the Import Licencing Agreement of WTO and Turkish domestic regulation. This practice is called as "refence price" by the importers in Turkey.

But despite these are considered as Automatic Import Licences as per WTO norms, in practice import licences are not automatically issued by MoT and hence they may create a barrier on the normal course of trade.

Since it is hard and time consuming to get the import licences, in many cases importers prefer to declare much higher values as required by the reference price practice to the customs to clear their goods from the customs and they have to pay higher additional tariffs and VAT. This make the imported goods much more expensive and hence incompetitive.

On this matter, our seasoned trade team and the experienced customs specialists guide the exporters and importers to defend their interests in front of MOE, Turkish Customs Authority in addition to the Turkish First Instance Administrative Courts.

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