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Our Values and Ethical Principles

A. Integrity
Integrity is the most important value at all our business processes. We treat our customers, staff and stakeholders with honesty.

B. Discretion
Confidential and exclusive information of our clients, client information that may create competitive disadvantage, commercial secrets, any kind of financial or other information are dealt with under “confidentiality agreements,” and are subject to non-disclosure which may not be shared by our company verbally, in writing or by other means.

C. Conflict of Interest Policy
In the case of a situation that indicates a potential conflict of interest between our clients, as FTC, we protect interests of related parties through legal or ethical ways, inform our clients about the potential conflict of interest and get client approval on the subject.

D. Relations with Public Authorities and Companies
Our staff is obliged to act in accordance with public morals, business/work ethics, laws and company rules in business relationships before parties mentioned above.

E. Professionalism
We do not offer services that are beyond our competence.

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